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You Did It! 

You did it! You graduated. What an incredible moment. Now it’s time to celebrate. One of the first that we recommend doing when planning a graduation party is getting a solid head count, as accurate as you can, of the people you anticipate being there.

When you have an idea of how many people you are going to be hosting, you can get an idea of what you are going to need Typically, we recommend at least one photographer and videographer at any graduation party. There is a lot going on and countless special moments unfolding with friends and family that you want t make sure to capture as many as possible.

Another way to increase the chances of capturing all the special moments unfolding on your graduation day is to have a 2019 LED Photo Booth set up for all your friends and family to use. 

How sweet would it be if you had 4×6 photo prints with the graduate’s school logo, colors and graduation year on it? I know I would’ve been pumped if that was at my grad party! 

Celebrate in Style

You only graduate once right? YOGO?  Is that a saying? Well, it is now?

With that being said, though, if it is only happening once! You might as well go all out and do it in style! 

We can help you think of a theme and vibe for your event as well as getting all the extras figured out and making it truly special! 

It All Matters!

Even if it’s just your daughters graduation from Kindergarten, every graduation and event are equally important to us here at Maximus Entertainment. Please let us know any and every need you think you might have, we are great at improvising and helping our clients bring their events to life!