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What is Uplighting?

Uplighting is just what it sounds like! It is awesome custom lighting that LIGHTS UP the room! 

You can choose from over 10 different colors of uplighting to match your party’s theme. Want to add some bright, vibrant energy to your party? Maybe go with a lighter color like green, or yellow. Are you looking to set a cool vibe? BLUE uplighting is exactly what you are looking for then! 

Give Your Party A Vibe! 

Check out how Tara used blue uplighting for her sweet 16 and how much energy it added to the room! The cool blue energy got all the guests ready to have a great time as soon as they walked in the door, while also adding an element of relaxation and calmness. 

If you contact one of our party experts today, we are happy to go through the details of your event and help you figure out the perfect colors, or combo of colors for your event. 

Easy To Use

It is incredibly easy to set up our uplighting. All it takes is the simple flip of a switch and VOILA… your party is an entirely different place.

We believe that the little details are what set every party apart. One of the best ways to “WOW” your guests without them even knowing is through uplighting. Next time you are going to a wedding, corporate event, or party look around and see if there is uplighting. Chances are if so, it really brings the event to the next level! 

We Are Offering FREE Uplighting

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