Drone Footage For a Wedding?

Everyones favorite answer… “it depends.” Where is your wedding taking place? Is it at an indoor venue? Is it inside a church? Is it a small wedding in someone’s backyard? If the answer to any of these questions are yes, you probably don’t need a drone for your wedding. 

Although, if you are allowed to fly a drone around the indoor venue, or wherever you are having your wedding, drone’s provide for beautiful camera angles and shots that humans can not get to. Before you hire someone to fly a drone around an indoor venue, it is wise to call and check their regulations on something like that. Often times, for safety reasons, the answer will be no…. But even then, a drone to capture the beauty of the church, or venue from the outside might be merited! It depends what you’re going for and what you want to remember from that night. 

Are you having a destination wedding? Is your wedding outside? If the answer is yes, I think having a drone is an excellent idea. As I mentioned, drones can capture footage and angles that a human could not dream of capturing. Having an experienced drone pilot/videographer can really take your wedding video to the next level. If you are spending the money to go have your wedding somewhere picturesque, I believe it’s worth it to try and capture the essence of the venue and a drone is one of the easiest ways to do it. Your mind will be blown when you see your wedding from the angles that a drone can provide….