Is more better? Well, our favorite answer… it depends. What kind of event are you having? How many people do you anticipate showing up? Where is the event? How big is the venue you are utilizing? How much of an entertainment budget do you have?

If you are having a MASSIVE corporate event, a huge graduation, or something along those lines, where a large budget is usually the case, 2 DJ’s might be a good call, especially if the event is scheduled for several hours. It is always easier for 2 people to do a job when there are a lot of moving parts. And for large corporate events, graduations, or even just big parties, 2 people makes things run more smoothly. While one DJ is playing music and getting the energy going, the next DJ could be helping prep for the next part of the night, or even anticipating what the crowd wants to hear next and helping his fellow DJ feel out the vibe for the next song.

Most cases though, I would say you are better off going with one DJ. First off, it’s way cheaper. Second, unless the event is absolutely massive, DJ’s are typically pretty well versed in handling a large volume of work, all at once. Most DJs are also the MC’s (Master of Ceremonies) for the night, in addition to having to set up all the equipment and moving parts for their set, so they are typically accustomed to having large work loads. If you anticipate a larger event, perhaps it’s a good idea to ask the DJ to bring an assistant, so he, or she can handle a little more of a hectic evening.

Whenever you’re having a wedding, birthday, corporate event, etc. it is in your best interest to make sure all parties involved have every detail necessary, so they can ensure they are prepared to perform well at your event! If you tell a DJ about the size and duration of your event, they will always know if it’s a job for one, or two people.