If you go peruse the internet and check out wedding blogs you’ll find a myriad of different articles about the supposed “Top 5 Must Have’s For a Wedding.” I don’t think you’ll find many articles leading you astray; ultimately it comes down to what you value and consider as important for your special day. BUT – there are some things that we believe you MUST HAVE. We have been planning and working weddings for years and have seen what 5 things you must have in order to set yourself up for success.

1) A great DJ, or live band

Without the right energy a party isn’t going to reach it’s fullest potential. Weddings are essentially giant parties, celebrating the love between 2 people, with all their closest friends and family. In our experience, having a great DJ, or live band creates the perfect atmosphere for everyone to have fun. An experienced DJ, or live band knows how to read the crowd and switch up the song list, when needed. Typically your DJ, or live band is also your MC (Master of Ceremonies) for the night, so you want to make sure him, or her has experience MCing weddings and large events. It is the MC’s job to keep the wedding on schedule, moving from event to event.

2) Photographer

Wedding day’s are always a little crazy and it’s hard to take every moment and memory and lock it in your memory forever. That is why, having an experienced wedding photographer is tied right for number 1 with having a great DJ, or live band. A great wedding photographer understands the flow of a wedding, where to be and when, which is one of the most crucial parts. If the photographer doesn’t know how to position him, or herself in the right spots throughout the night, they might miss a crucial shot. Make sure you ask to see your perspective photographers portfolio before confirming them for the night. This will give you a nice idea of the types of moments they capture.

3) Videographer 

It’s so hard to give all of these definitive rankings because of how truly important they all are, but videographer is right up there with 1) & 2). A videographer’s job is to not only allow to see the memories from the night, but also re-live them. You hear about people watching their wedding videos, 15, 20 years down the road, so you want to make sure you can do the same with yours! Before you higher a wedding videographer ask him, or her to send you their reel, or the last video they did for a wedding

4) Great food

This might be a no-brainer, but I’ve seen weddings go astray because the guests were not pleased with the selection of food. The most efficient way I’ve seen food taken care of is sending out the menu with the invite (or putting it on your website link) and having guests pick from 4-6 options of what they want for dinner. That way, they can take some time to decide what they want and don’t have to be put on the spot of deciding to eat in the moment.

5) Photo Booth

You’re probably thinking a photo booth? What? What about flowers, or decorations? Well, those things typically come along with weddings, but a photo booth can often times get forgotten about. A photo booth is great because it offers an opportunity for every guest to go and form their own unique memories with friends and family AND walk away with a physical memory as well; each photo booth immediately prints a physical strip of the photos that were just taken, something that can be cherished for years to come by many people at the wedding.



There are many more components to a successful wedding, but these are the top 5 things we felt are MUST HAVE’S for every wedding. If you have any more questions about planning a wedding, or would like to inquire about what kind of services we offer, please feel free to call, or email us.