Just having the Photo Booth at a party is a hit right? Maybe. If you have the right pieces to the puzzle, so everything can fit together well.

The first thing you need with any great Photo Booth experience is a great Photo Booth attendant to keep things running smoothly. You want to make sure there is someone working the Photo Booth who is experienced with the equipment and can help guests have the best time possible. All of our Photo Booth attendants at Maximus Parties know the necessary components for a successful Photo Booth experience and are more than capable of diagnosing any minor issue, if there ever was one. 

Another component to a great Photo Booth experience is having the right props available for your guests to choose from. In my opinion, the more props the better! The more props available to your guests increase the likelihood of people getting extra creative with their pictures and making them extra special. It is exciting to see all of the different pictures and scenarios people create with the different props available to them.One component of the Photo Booth that is important as well is the backdrop. You want to make sure to pick the right back drop to fit the theme of your event, or party. Thankfully, at Maximus Parties, we have a great selection of some of beautiful backdrops. And if you don’t find something you like, we also have a backdrop that you can use as a green screen and fully customize what you want the background to be. 

Ultimately, what makes a Photo Booth experience great, is when all of the guests are using the Photo Booth. Naturally, when someone sees someone else doing something fun, FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) kicks in and people get inspired to join in on the fun. If lots of people are using the Photo Booth, friends will naturally build off each other and try and make the most creative pictures possible. As the great cliche says “the more, the merrier!”