One way that you can assure the DJ you are hiring would know what to play at a Latin Themed Party is to ask if he, or she has ever played any Latin events before! If they have, ask them for the song list they put together for that party. Different Latin themes (Cuban, Argentinian, Mexican, etc.) will all have different types of songs that are being played, so you want to be sure that the DJ is familiar with whatever type of event you are putting together.

If for some reason all of the DJ’s who typically do Latin themed parties are booked, no worries. A professional DJ should be able to play any party, as long as he has a proper song list, or an idea of what songs he wants to play. If you give your prospective DJ a song list to familiarize himself with, he will have a good idea of what songs to play when. You could even go one step further and rank the songs in order of your favorites, that way the DJ knows which songs are the “bangers.”

Ultimately, the type of party shouldn’t hinder a DJ’s ability to do his job, which is play desirable music and keep the energy flowing. If a DJ is hired to play a Latin themed party it is his responsibility to do his homework and find out what are the most popular Latin songs (modern) and Latin songs from the past. Although, putting a nice song list together for your DJ will ensure that everyone at the party gets to hear their favorite songs and party it up!