We have all heard the expression: “It’s in the details.” Uplighting, is one of the most unnoticed, yet important components to taking an average party, to an excellent party, or event.

Uplighting provides the unique opportunity to fill a room with energy, without the guests even realizing. Certain colors evoke certain emotions and with uplighting you can tailor the lights to match the energy of the party. For example, if you are having a wedding you might want to go with white/yellow uplighting to invigorate the room and fill it with energy. Or perhaps you want to emphasize the theme of love, so you decide to go with more of a red, rose colored uplighting. 

Maybe you are planning a corporate event, or graduation and you want to use blue uplighting to have a calm, soothing energy, but also something that exudes confidence and forward movement. A lot of times, uplighting goes unnoticed, which is awesome because then guests are left wondering why the event felt so different and cool…. If that’s the case, your mission was accomplished. If you are hosting a corporate event, or an event where there is a center of attention, uplighting is also a great way to bring attention to the speaker and naturally draw the eyes of the attendants to where they should be. 

If you are hosting a fancy event, uplighting is also a fantastic way to bring a “regal” feel to the party. I was at a party once where they had every window sill illuminated with blue uplighting – I felt like I was in Beverly Hills for some exclusive party!  If you like to make sure people who attend your event, or parties that you host are left with a lasting impression and memory, it is in your best interest to have uplighting at your event. Remember the last awesome concert you went to? As good as the music was, there was probably an accompanying light show that blew your mind. Think about a party in the same way. It’s in the details that you may not notice right off the top.